20 December 2016

NIOD researcher Karel Berkhoff receives a Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Grant of $40.000 for research into Babi Yar. With this grant it possible to research important archivial material spread all over Europe, Israel and North America. This new sources of information will be used for a detailed monograph.

Babi Jar
Babi Jar

About Babi Yar

On September 29 and 30, 1941, on the western outskirts of Kiev at Babi Yar, the largest single Nazi shooting of Jews in the Soviet Union took place. Babi Yar also is Ukraine’s largest mass grave of victims of the Nazis - for, after the main massacre of September 1941, the SS and German police, as long as they were there, never stopped killing there. Almost all of the Soviet Communist officials who returned in November 1943 disrespected the human remains interred at Babi Yar, and they refused to state that the victims of the main massacre perpetrated there had been Jews, killed simply because they were Jews. Today the site is largely covered with a park, apartments, and traffic.

Karel Berkhoff (born 1965) is a Senior Researcher at the NIOD. He studies primarily World War II in Russia and Eastern Europe.